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:Wedding's range: from 800$ to 1'200$  

:Clubs range from: 350$ to 600$ 

:Parties range from: 400$ to 800$

:Events range from: 800$ to 1,800$

Videos can be tricky and pricy. and range from 400$ to 20,000$ dollars.

But my company will work with you on the price. We provide service for Wedding, Music videos, parties, birthdays, tv commercials, brodcast, interveiws etc. we will provide the best price's and work with you on the price range.


Call for service:


club service without equipment provided 350$

with equipment required 650$ a night 

If needed for a wedding & need lights,certain song layouts, microphones introductionsa nd with our eqiupment provided price will range from 800$ to 1,200$ a day/night